Travel Nurse Staffing Is the New Norm. Here’s Why.

Author: Coast Medical Service

Posted: June 24, 2021

Travel Nursing

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Hospitals and clinics are paying close attention to their respective bottom line. After paying large expenses like benefits and wages, it may be difficult to balance cutting costs while still maintaining a high level of care to patients in the community.

Fortunately, the solution you’re looking for may be summed up in three words: travel nurse staffing.

The reality is, shrinking revenues and growing costs are squeezing many hospitals today, which is why many are beginning to staff travel nurses to control their costs. Travel nursing offers the benefit of allowing health care facilities to decrease their staffing-related costs while also filling in workforce gaps as needed. Plus, it gives nurses the flexibility to travel, work in diverse environments, and form lasting connections with people all over the United States.

Here’s why nurse staffing companies are making travel opportunities the new norm for modern medical facilities:

Benefits and Overtime Savings

One of the top reasons for the increased demand in travel nurse staffing is that travel nurses do not require as many benefit-related expenses as traditional nurses do. So, if you need to tighten your budget, you can possibly avoid paying health care benefits by hiring travel nurses.

Even though travel nursing rates are usually higher when compared to staff nurses, using travel nurses is a cost-effective move for today’s hospitals. This is particularly the case during medical emergencies when a hospital can choose between hiring a travel nurse to cover emergency situations or paying a staff nurse his or her overtime rate, which tends to be considerably higher.

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Meeting Seasonal Staffing Needs

Travel nurses are also becoming more popular because they can help meet seasonal staffing needs. This is particularly true in areas that thrive on tourism during the summer or winter months.

In these parts of the country, hospitals can easily maintain skeleton crews when the demand for health services is low. Then, they can use travel nursing staff, whose assignments usually span 13 weeks, when they experience a rise in the number of patients.

Filling Hard-to-Fill Roles

Yet another reason why travel nurses are becoming increasingly valuable is that they help to fill positions that are hard to find permanent workers for.

Hospitals in small towns often struggle to fill specialty positions due to small pools of applicants in their area. Meanwhile, large hospitals sometimes struggle to find nurses who have the right experience and skills to fill certain positions, particularly when critical needs exist. Fortunately, travel nursing agencies can help both of these types of hospitals to access larger bases of applicants to fill their open nursing positions.

Capitalize on the Power of Travel Nursing Today at Coast Medical Service

At Coast Medical Service, one of today’s leading nurse staffing companies, we take pride in meeting the needs of medical facilities looking for travel nurses to join their teams. We also meet the needs of travel nurses who are searching for the right health care centers to partner with.

Thanks to our travel nurse staffing services, many adventurous nurses have opportunities and assignments all over the United States. Likewise, many hospitals have secured the nursing staff they need to keep their facilities operating smoothly and contributing to their local communities and economies. We facilitate all aspects of each nursing assignment so that both medical centers and nurses can concentrate on what they do best—serving patients in need.

Partner with us to take full advantage of the many benefits of travel nurse staffing today!

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