Travel Nursing Tips for New Grads

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You’re fresh out of nursing school and you’re looking forward to an exciting career. Recently, there have been a number of changes in the nursing industry that makes travel nursing a viable career for recent graduates. Once you’ve earned at least one year of experience, you’re eligible to work with us. If you’re interested in exploring new hospitals, visiting new cities, and a change in venue every few months, then travel nursing may be the right fit for you. Check out our tips on travel nursing for new grads from the staffing specialists at Coast Medical Service today.

1.  Be Flexible

Whether it’s the cities you want to visit or the workplace settings you want to experience, keep your preferences flexible to qualify for as many positions as possible. You want to maintain your flexibility especially when learning new skills. Are you med-surg? Float through a number of different types of med-surg units to round out your experience and skills. Once you’re comfortable, branch out to other skill sets including telemetry, support and education for patient families, and more.

As a new grad travel nurse, your versatility and willingness to fill any role makes you a more attractive prospect to many clinics, hospitals, and medical facilities.

2.  Look For Acute Care Experience

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As a travel nurse, you have to get used to shifting positions, locations, and facilities. One of the best ways to gain the steady focus and versatility to fit in anywhere is through acute care experience. While it’s good to build continuity in one area, many hospitals require acute care experience before they hire you.

You can acquire this type of experience in the emergency department of a hospital, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care centers, and intensive care units. Since you’ll typically be caring for patients for a very short period of time, you’re exposed to a number of different illnesses, issues, and situations that are great to add to your travel nursing skills as a new grad.

3.  Expand Your Certifications

Even after your graduation and certification, you shouldn’t stop learning! Consider earning BLS or ACLS certifications to show potential employers that you’re proactive and committed to your career. With more education under your belt, you can provide the very best care for any patients under your purview.

4.  Talk to Nurse Staffing Agencies

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At Coast Medical Service, after one year of experience, we can provide opportunities in travel nursing for new grads. Our application, interview, and vetting process ensures we know what your preferences are and allows us to make an assessment about where you’ll fit in best. We have the confidence of medical facilities nationwide and a number of open positions waiting to be filled.

Ready to start your career as a travel nurse? Reach out to the staffing team at Coast Medical Service today.

January 9, 2020Career, Life BalanceCharles Stover

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