Embrace Adventure and Expertise: Thriving as a Travel Healthcare Professional in College Towns

College town

Finding Your Ideal Travel Nursing or Travel Allied Healthcare Position in a College Town Introduction Are you a healthcare professional with a passion for adventure and a heart for providing top-notch care? Do you enjoy smaller communities and yearn for reliving that college experience (minus only eating ramen noodles of course)? If so, the world…

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Benefits of Working with Travel Nurse Agencies

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Whether you’ve just gotten your nurse’s license or you’re an experienced nurse looking for some change, you may want to consider the benefits of working as a travel nurse in 2021. A staffing agency like Coast Medical Service has a lot to offer and when you work with a travel nurse agency, you get to…

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Making the Most of the Holidays on the Road

Man in airport looking at takeoff times

  One of the most difficult parts of the travel nursing experience can be spending the holiday season apart from your loved ones. There is no replacement for being with your kin on Christmas morning, but travel nursing with a distant family can be made a little easier by following some of our tips. Stay…

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Nursing in a Crisis: Nursing Pay Skyrockets

Crisis pay for traveling nurses is currently skyrocketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of healthcare for the foreseeable future. Health care practitioners and providers on the front lines are saving lives every day but it can present challenges to their own health and well-being. That’s one reason why crisis rates for travel nurses…

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Hiring a Specialist with a Hospital Staffing Agency

nurse rolling patient in wheelchair

  At Coast Medical Service, we have spent years helping hospitals and medical facilities find the specialists they need to fill empty positions. Whether you’re searching for Certified Nursing Assistants or Licensed Vocational Nurses, we have a comprehensive list of qualified candidates in your region. Let us support your hospital staff by finding and vetting…

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Travel Nursing Tips for New Grads

a medical professional wearing a lab coat and stethoscope

  You’re fresh out of nursing school and you’re looking forward to an exciting career. Recently, there have been a number of changes in the nursing industry that makes travel nursing a viable career for recent graduates. Once you’ve earned at least one year of experience, you’re eligible to work with us. If you’re interested…

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Top Tips to Communicate with Your Medical Staffing Agency

medical staffing agency office recruiters

Whether you’re a medical facility or a registered nurse looking for placement, at Coast Medical Service, our medical staffing agency caters to everyone’s hiring and employment needs. Many people from both sides of the industry use staffing agencies to save time and widen their pool of applicants or medical facilities. If you want to ensure…

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